About Banff, Alberta, Canada.

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About Banff for Banff, Alberta and Area

When you want to know Banff, Alberta

Overview of Banff, Alberta, Canada

Banff is located in Southwest Alberta amongst the Canadian Rockies. The magical town of Banff is a very versatile environment. They have a leisurely component where you may choose to relax in the Hot Springs, or sightsee in the peaceful meadows and rushing waterfalls. You may also be in for the thrill of a lifetime, hitting the numerous adrenalin packed ski and snowboarding slopes located throughout the area including the Rockies! After a long day Banff will tuck you in with comfortable, affordable accommodations , and wake you up with the smell of great food cooking in our world class bistros and family restaurants.

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  • Population: 8 352 (2005)
  • Population Density: 897/km²
  • Area: 165.4 /km²
  • Latitude: 51°10?40.8?N
  • Longitude: 115°34?18.5?W
  • Weather: See Forecast
  • Elevation: 1463 m/4800 ft
  • Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time
  • Language: English
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History of Banff, Alberta

Banff has been growing since the founding of the miraculous town in 1880. The Canadian Pacific Railway was the original founders of Banff and added character and reputation to the town by building a series of Banff Springs Hotels, which stand along the railway and bring Banff's history to life. Banff Springs Hotel was declared an international resort and drew much attention to this beautiful town. As the result of the great advertisement given to this historic town, Banff has been ranked one of the most visited tourist towns in Canada. Banff National Park has also been honored by the United Nations by including it as one of the luxurious Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks.

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Banff's Demographics

Banff has been significantly affected demographically by its tourists in the aspect of multiculturalism. Banff has been ranked one of the most visited tourist establishments in Canada and during its peek season can be home to many different nationalities.

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Banff's Climate

The town of Banff has very wide span of climate patterns throughout the year. The Climate can be unpredictable at times, due to the high elevation of the town. Some days the town can experience violent rainfall, extreme snowfall, and sunshine all in one afternoon. On average the summer months are the most rainfall active times of the year bringing in anywhere from 42.4mm to 58mm of precipitation between the months of May and August. On the other hand the winter climate brings in the largest annual amount of snowfall. Anywhere from 26.3cm to 43.9cm of snow can fall in the short months between April and December.

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Education in Banff, Alberta

Banff has quite a few education opportunities to be taken advantage of. One of Banff's most respected facilities is Banff Education Center which is a place where people can go to learn English as a second language while learning and exploring the wilderness surrounding the school. Banff and close surrounding areas are also home to over a dozen elementary education centers and secondary schools.

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Transportation around Banff, Alberta

Visitors and citizens of Banff have the advantage of hopping aboard Banff Airporter, a reliable source of transportation when in need. Banff Airporter runs between Banff, Calgary, Lake Louise, Canmore and The Calgary international airport. Banff is located 135km west of Calgary, which allows easy access to the Calgary International Airport, and other transportation lines.

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Tourism and Attractions of Banff

Banff is a very active community which invites their visitors to visit the attractions and tourism sights they are home to. For example The Rocky Mountains is a beautiful attraction as well as, Banff National Park, there Hot Springs, ice walks, dog sledding, snow shoeing, wildlife viewing, skiing and snowboarding at Banff Norquay-Lake Louise- and Sunshine Village. Banff also hosts some of the worlds most scenic and breath taking golf facilities, and is one of the largest tourist based towns.

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Surrounding Communities

  • Banff
  • Castle Junction
  • Castle Mountian
  • Lake Louise

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Geography of Banff, Alberta

Banff lays amongst the Rocky Mountains and holds Canada's highest elevated town, towering at 1463 m/4800 ft, a geographic wonder. Not only does Banff fall peacefully in the Rockies, Mt. Rundle, Mt. Cascade, and Mt. Norquay, rest adjacent to Banff. Although Banff is situated around enormous mountains, Sleeping Buffalo Mountain falls in the centre of the town and is used as small foothills.

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Banff's Government

Banff is politically watched over by Mayor Dennis Shuler along side six council members. Councilors' Philip Carmody, Robert Haney, Chip Oliver, John Stutz, Nigel Paterson, and Ossi Treutler Jr. are all part of the community government of Banff and are proud to reside there!

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Banff's Economy and Industry

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Banff's Culture and Significant Events

Banff being an extremely well known tourist attraction town contributes to the cultural and social population that can be found in the area. When seen in Banff's peek season a wide variety of multiculturalism can been seen throughout the mountains. Banff also takes pride in there many Art Galleries and events. Such Galleries include the Art of Man gallery, Canada House, Gallery at the Springs, Harmon House, and many other inspirational venues.

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Sports in Banff, Alberta

Banff is well known for their skiing and snowboarding resorts and facilities. Banff also has a variety of unique sports such as dog sledding, ice walking and wildlife tracking for its visitors to enjoy. Sports & recreation are every important to Banff's history and future.

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Media of Banff

Banff being a smaller city holds an excellent independent newspaper, Banff Crag and Canyon. The Banff Crag and Canyon lets the world of Banff in on local news, world new, and interesting facts about their community, from the eyes of the media.

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